Types of video poker machines

Jacks or Better is the most common Video Poker slot. You need a pair of jacks or better hand to win. Different jacks or better machines have different payout offers. The most profitable are those slot machines that pay for a flush of 6 and for a full house of 9 credits – such machines usually return 99.5% of the money you invested in them. When playing jacks or better, you can expect a fairly smooth game, without high wins and losses, without bright streaks of luck and losses, as is usually the case in wild and deuce wilds.

“Tensor Better” – slot machines are similar to the jacks about the bet, but the payout of winnings in them starts from a couple of tens. Typically, these machines pay less for a flush and full house than a bet jack to compensate for the extra winning chance that comes from the lower starting payout level.
The strategies for the games jack-o-bet and tens or better are exactly the same except that in the first game the high card count starts with jacks, and in the second with ten.
“Tens or Better” is the first video poker slot machines, and because of this, it is usually not always easy to find these machines that offer a profitable game for the player. The best devices in this series are in the 99 percent payout area.

“Wild Joker” – games involving one or more jokers – cards that can replace any other cards to make various combinations. Since the use of the joker means that high combinations of cards will be more common, the initial combinations that pay out the winnings are a pair of kings or two pairs.

The Jokers Wild strategy is significantly different from the two previous games, it is more diverse and considers a fairly large number of possible combinations. Some Jokers Wild slots offer more than 100% money back, which means that the player will have an edge over the casino.

Deuces Wild – all deuces are wild cards, that is, they are played like a joker.
In Deuces Wild, you need at least 3 cards of the same rank to return your initial bet and at least a straight flush to get a modest win. Slot machines in this series have the greatest potential for winning – up to 102% money back and therefore are the most popular among professional players. On such slots you will have a very dynamic game in which wide streaks of luck alternate with equally large streaks of losses.

Progressive slot machines. This is a certain number of combined Video poker machines in a particular casino (or in a network of several gambling houses) that have a constantly increasing amount of payout for the highest combination of cards (royal flush) for games with the maximum bet. The increase in this amount depends on the number of tokens invested in all progressive machines in the casino. Each token is counted by the general computer system and adds a certain percentage to the total jackpot. At the top of the progressive slot machines there is a digital scoreboard where the jackpot amount is indicated.

Playing on such machines can be successful, since the payout amount for the maximum combination of cards is much higher than the fixed amount of conventional slot machines.

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