How to play video poker slots

video poker

Video Poker slot is an electronic version of Draw Poker . The name is due to the fact that the main part of the slot machine is an electronic screen, where all the moments of the game are reflected. Many people like the loneliness of Videopoker slot, the ability to concentrate on winning combinations without the distractions and mistakes that inevitably happen when playing with opponents or the dealer. In this game, you don’t have to think about bluffing, betting and your opponent’s temperament, the only thing you decide is to change cards. As for shuffling and dealing cards, the slot machine does it quickly and automatically.

Video poker is the most popular slot machine both in casinos and in gambling halls, because it gives an experienced player an opportunity to win. When using the optimal strategy, some of the gaming machines can return up to 102% of all money invested. But still, most Video poker slot machines return only 95-99.95% of the amount you invested in their slot, that is, they have an advantage over the player of 0.5-5%, which also far exceeds the winning offer not only for various slot machines , but also for many other common casino games.

How to play

Before starting the game, purchase special tokens at the box office. Put one or several tokens into the slot of the machine. Each additional token you bet increases your potential winnings. The total amount of your bet will be recorded on a digital board marked with the inscription “Coins”. If you put 5 tokens into the machine, the cards will be automatically dealt. If you bet 4 or less tokens, then to continue the game and deal cards, you must press the button labeled “Deal” (on some machines “Draw”). If you put more than 5 tokens into the slot, then the number of additional tokens will be shown on the “Credit” digital display. After 5 cards appear on the machine screen, you must decide which cards to keep,

To hold your chosen cards, click on the buttons labeled “Hold” (sometimes numbers from 1 to 5 may be added to this inscription), which are located on the front panel of the slot machine right below the cards you have selected. In this case, the inscription “Hold” will disappear. If you decide to hold all cards, you can use just one button labeled “Hold all”. Conversely, if you decide to replace all 5 cards, then click on the “Discard all” button.

After you have made your choice, click on the “Deal” (“Draw”) button. All cards marked with “Hold” will remain on the screen, and all others will be replaced by new ones. If now your cards make the combination indicated in the paytable of the slot machine, you have won, and the amount of your winnings will appear on the digital board “Paid”. At the same time, your winnings will be automatically added to the credit money.

To start the next game, you must wager again. If you have already invested more than 5 tokens into the machine or won the previous game, the “Credit” display will indicate the amount you have for the new game. Then, to bet 5 tokens, press the “Max bet” button, new cards will be dealt automatically. To bet 1, 2, 3 or 4 tokens, click on the “One bet” button the appropriate number of times. To deal new cards, you will need to click on the “Deal” (“Draw”) button. Then the process of the game is repeated. To withdraw your money from the slot machine, click on the “Cash out” button.

Note.Pay attention to the paytable at the top of the slot machine. This table shows the number of tokens returned to you by the machine, it depends on the size of your bet and the combination you have made, while the initial bet is not returned. That is, playing jacks about the bet and making a pair of kings, you just get your money back. If in the same game you made a straight, then the machine will return you 4 tokens (one of which is your own bet), and, therefore, your real winnings will be 3 tokens.

Thus, each initial winning combination in any type of slot machine only provides you with a return on your bet, and only the combination that promises double or more winnings can give you a real win.

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