Slot Machine Secrets – How to Play and Win at Canadian Online Casinos

Slot machines – also called ‘pokies’ – are the most popular titles at both land-based and online casinos. There are several reasons why you should try slots. Firstly, these games have simple rules and do not require any special knowledge from the player. Secondly, they are available for both desktop and mobile platforms, so anyone can spin their reels right on the move. Third, they have high winning potential. Fourth, some slots offer you the chance to hit a massive jackpot worth several million dollars.

Although slots are RNG-based titles for a chance, you can make the game rounds potentially more profitable – for this you need to know some slot machine secrets that we will share in this article.

Secrets to Winning on Slot Machines for Canadian Gamblers

The total number of slots available at Canadian online casinos exceeds the number of all other games combined. Such an abundance of slots is absolutely not accidental. While these games are capable of large payouts, they form the lion’s share of the casino’s profits. However, any player can increase his potential profit on playing slots if he knows several secrets of the slot machines:

  1. Slot machines vary in payout levels. When choosing a slot, pay attention to the size of the maximum payout it can make. The higher the maximum payout multiplier, the lower your chances of hitting a cash prize. In addition, you must understand important characteristics such as volatility and RTP.
  2. Long gaming sessions are unprofitable. For example, if you choose a slot with an RTP of 97%, you will be able to get back no more than 97% of your money in the long run. By understanding this and some other slot machine secrets, you will change games more often when playing online.
  3. High rollers have the best winning odds. The fact is that by making the maximum bet, you activate all the functions of the slot, thereby creating the most favorable conditions for landing winning combinations.
  4. The result of any game action is completely random. You cannot cheat the slot mechanically or programmatically – besides, it is a criminal offense. Using some betting systems (like D’Alembert or Martingale) is the best thing you can do to improve your statistical advantage a little.
  5. Franchised games pay less. The manufacturer spends more money to acquire the rights to use well-known names or characters. This is reflected in the RTP and the maximum payout. You need to know these slot machine secrets and tips to choose games with simple graphics and uncomplicated themes.

Bear in mind that some jackpots are played outside the casino. These so-called network jackpots are played on hundreds and even thousands of slot machines at various casinos. So, try to limit your playing sessions when you play progressives.

Some Tips for Canadian Spinners

Slots at Canadian casinos work in the same way as at other casinos around the world. Nevertheless, we want to give some tips that will help Canadian gamblers increase their chances of success:

  • Choose games from the best providers.
  • Avoid slots that offer an RTP of 94% or less (except for progressive ones).
  • First, play the slots in free mode to get ready for the real game.
  • Never try to recoup in the event of a major loss.

So, knowing these slot machine secrets, you will play wisely. Good luck!

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